On last Thursday, 28 April 2022, the ARROWS ETL GLOBAL Business MeetUp 2022 took place in the National Museum in Prague. The inspiring conference hosted more than 250 attendees from over 30 countries. It was a great opportunity for ETL GLOBAL clients and colleagues to catch up, (re)connect and enjoy meeting in person and on firm ground again after the past two pandemic years.

“Welcome everyone to the ARROWS ETL GLOBAL Business MeetUp 2022, the biggest event of this spring, where you have the opportunity to meet business leaders and build new contacts.” Opening the event with these words, Attorney and Partner at ARROWS ETL GLOBAL, Vojtěch Sucharda, also invited Anastasia Dzhygola, lawyer from Odessa, Ukraine, to the stage.

As regards contents the Business Meetup featured four blocks with the following panels:

  1. Growing international brought valuable advice and tips on how to build a start-up beyond the borders of the Czech Republic from the panelists Vanda Seidelova (Twigsee), Olga Chabr Grillová (Leeaf), Max Verteletskyi (Spaceti), Ondrej Spodniak (Premiot group) and Petr Havlik (Capgemini Engeneering, Altran) as keynote speaker and moderator.
  2. The How to raise a unicorn panel revealed the secrets that every unicorn start-up should have. “Definitely a great product with technology and design suitable for the market, it takes motivation and the right timing,” revealed Martin Vápeník from Biometric Ventures. Additional speakers on this panel were Martin Medek (Seed Starter ČS), Lubo Smid (STRV) and Vít Šubert (Unicorn Attacks) as keynote speaker and moderator.
  3. In the Going public panel speakers Ondřej Jančařík (EUROWAG), Jan Sýkora (WOOD & Company), Petr Kasa (Pilulka), Jan Drahota (Colt CZ Group) and Petr Koblic (Prague Stock Exchange) addressed the issue of companies’ listing on the stock exchange and what benefits this process can bring.
  4. Big players tips on motivation, the future of business and its changes were given by leaders of international companies Olin Novák (Rohlik), Jindrich Fremuth (O2), Christian Gorny (ETL GLOBAL) and Martin Illner (United Nations S3I Initiative), all sharing an optimistic view. “The way to achieve goals is mainly communication, through communication we get cooperation with people, which then makes the company strive and profit.” said ETL GLOBAL CEO Christian Gorny summing up the driving force of the business.

In addition to the above, Bob Hoban of the US law firm Clark Hill contributed with a keynote speech on the European cannabis industry.

The ARROWS ETL GLOBAL Business MeetUp was an exceptional event and is already now being planned to be repeated next year and beyond. See you then!