The coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken the world hostage and puts every member of our generation in a situation which we fortunately never had to endure before. In difficult times like these we, as ETL Global, act and communicate with the utmost considerateness in order to reduce the impact of the virus on the health and business of our clients, colleagues and business partners. We advise everybody within ETL Global to:

  • Distribute and follow the hygienic rules as recommended by the WHO,
  • Avoid personal contacts with clients, colleagues and business partners wherever possible,
  • Use modern means of communication such as telephone calls, e-mails, chats, video conferencing or virtual meeting rooms,
  • Cancel or postpone business related travel plans,
  • Show flexibility for the needs of others (i.e. regarding childcare) wherever necessary.

All experts agree that the current situation will not be a matter of days but that the corona virus might keep us occupied for at least a couple of weeks, if not months. It will be tough, but we will proceed and we are certain that we will learn a lot, whether to cope with the consequences of the virus or to improve processes and structures for the time after we have vanquished the virus.

At ETL Global we remain at the disposal of our clients and business partners also during this crisis to the greatest extent possible and send out our best wishes to everybody. In case of doubt regarding specific availabilities, please contact us at