ETL announces new cooperation partner in New York

Oct 31, 2014

ETL International continues its path of growth and announces Rogoff & Company as new cooperation partner in New York City.

Managing Partner Maurice Rosen, his 7 partners and 35 employees are happy to serve ETL clients with USA related business as of now. Located centrally in Manhatten and established in 1946, Rogoff & Company, P.C., offers a full range of integrated accounting, tax, business management and advisory services, including legal services via their existing network.

Just after signing the ETL cooperation agreement, partner Alan Dule got on the long flight and used the opportunity to learn more about the ETL group at the International Practise Group meeting in Berlin in October and to meet many German and international ETL partners.

ETL clients are offered services by Rogoff & Company not only in the English language, there are also native speakers from Spain, Russia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Of course a german speaking erson is in the office too.

Status: 31. October 2014