After the involuntary pandemic pause, ETL GLOBAL Members are happy to resume personal relations with their colleagues all over the world and to catch up in “real” meetings again instead of online sessions.

As already reported previously, ARROWS ETL GLOBAL was the first firm who dared to plan and execute their international Business MeetUp 2022 with over 250 attendees on firm ground in April 2022. The ETL GLOBAL focus country organisations are now following this example and are organising their national conferences.

ETL GLOBAL UK is planning for a big meeting event for their member firms at The Edwardian Manchester in September. Likewise, ETL GLOBAL Spain has scheduled their national congress for September at the Oceanogràfic in Valencia. In the same month, ETL Nederland is going to hold their nationwide meeting as well.

The international ETL GLOBAL Conference is scheduled to take place in Lisbon later on in October.

Stay tuned and hold your fingers crossed that this year will reunite all ETL GLOBAL Members!