ETL GLOBAL Conference 2019: 160 participants meet in Palma de Mallorca

Nov 26, 2019

From 14 through 16 November, 2019, this year’s annual ETL Global Conference took place in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. It was once again an extremely successful event: Some 160 attendees from 23 countries came together, amongst them long-standing ETL partners as well as many new faces, e.g. from Bulgaria, Portugal, Croatia and Slovakia. All of them got actively involved in expanding their personal networks as well as catching up with long-time colleagues and discussing new projects and initiatives.

The presentations held during the conference gave an impressive view on the substantial growth of the network and the chances and opportunities this creates for all participants. In addition, the following new ETL GLOBAL partners and cooperation partners were given a platform to introduce themselves in brief, individual presentations:

  • UNICONSULT, Linz/Austria
  • ETL Services CZ, Prague/Czech Republic
  • ETL-Heimfarth & Kollegen, Koblenz/Germany
  • Schmeding & Hoffmann, Hamburg/Germany
  • SRLV Accountants, London/UK
  • FiNEXPERT, Bukarest/Romania
  • Cabrera Rodríguez, Tenerife/Spain

Content-wise this year’s conference was focussing on four current business initiatives and lively networking sessions covering:

  • Business Transformation & Office Organisation – The Digital Revolution
  • Software & Digitalisation
  • International Desks & Cross Border Cooperation
  • E-Commerce & Other Business Opportunities (fynax)

We are already now looking forward to the next ETL GLOBAL Conference which will be held in Berlin in November 2020.


ETL Global Conference 2019

Captured at Gpro Valparaiso Hotel by Mallorca Moments & Ivan Pomposo Photography & Design