The year 2020 is slowly coming to an end and ETL GLOBAL would like to take the opportunity to share great news on the Netherlands, Germany and Spain:

In their survey on the Dutch and German market published in the November 2020 issue, the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) ranked ETL GLOBAL Netherlands in place 16 by turnover and place 15 by number of employees. For Germany, the network was ranked in place 5, confirming ETL’s market position as determined by other publishing houses.

In their latest issue of December 2020, the IAB ranked ETL GLOBAL Spain in place 6 in terms of turnover, as well as number of employees, again confirming its market position according to other surveys (see earlier postings in this newsletter section).

The ETL GLOBAL Members of the Netherlands, Germany and Spain delivered remarkable growth rates in their domestic markets. We hereby convey a very warm thank you to all partners and employees for their commitment and hard work leading to this great success – congratulations!

More information on the IAB rankings is to be found here