It is with great pleasure that we can report on ETL GLOBAL’s recent progress on its growth path.

As published in their February 2021 issue featuring the latest World Survey, the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) has ranked the ETL GLOBAL network 7th in Europe and has granted a remarkable 15th place among the Top 20 international networks globally. Thus, ETL GLOBAL has advanced to 7th place in Europe (2020: 9th place) and soared to 15th place worldwide (2020: 16th place).

This achievement shows, that ETL GLOBAL managed to not only lay the foundations but also to strengthen its market position internationally. And it goes in line with recent successes on local level, as reported already back in December 2020 in our newsletter on the IAB country surveys in Spain, Germany and the Netherlands, where ETL GLOBAL delivered remarkable growth rates as well.

Moreover, the same development was reflected by the IAB’s country survey on the United Kingdom, published January 2021. We are proud to announce that ETL GLOBAL UK has been ranked in 17th place in terms of turnover, as well as number of employees, again confirming its market position among the Top 20 international networks in the UK.

Congratulations and Thank You to all partners and employees for their commitment and hard work that led to this incredible success!

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