Being the youngest focus country of ETL GLOBAL, Slovakia is starting to show first signs of growth. ETL GLOBAL is proud to present the following firms of its Slovakian portfolio:

  • GINALL & ROBINSON was the first company to join ETL GLOBAL as a direct investment back in 2020. The firm provides advice to a wide range of progressive and modern companies. Consulting covers the full range of their needs – from taxes, verification, accounting and consulting to practical business consulting.
    Another area of activity are trainings and publications held and prepared by Milan Kúdela, Master Partner of Ginall & Robinson and ETL GLOBAL in Slovakia. A recent example is attached as download in Slovak and English language.
  • Dravecký & Partner is a fully licensed tax and audit firm offering its professional services since the year 2000. Their team of specialists brings along comprehensive, long-time experience and know-how on national and international level. The main area of their practice is complex tax advisory, supplemented by auditing and book-keeping services. In terms of systems and processes, Dravecký & Partner is extremely flexible to adjust their services to the clients’ requirements.
  • ETL EAST s.r.o., formally OPENServices Group, is a dynamically developing business consultancy company operating in a field of accountancy, outsourcing, management services and IT. The main goal is to offer tailor-made solutions in five branches within Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary to apply a brand-new quality of services, prefer individual approach and think in perspective.
  • eVector tax s.r.o. provides a complete range of business services for small and medium-sized businesses tailored individually under one roof. This includes in particular the areas of business accounting, business and organizational consulting, provision of marketing plans and marketing concepts. The firm is aiming at helping its clients to build their company successfully and providing them with the best offers on the market for the required services at maximum quality.


Find more information at the following sites:

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