Despite the pandemic, the year 2021 was a very successful one for ETL GLOBAL in terms of growth – also in Slovakia. Therefore, ETL GLOBAL takes this opportunity to share the following great news on its local market position:

Back in November 2021, the business magazine TREND released a special edition with rankings of companies in Slovakia from various sectors, inter alia in the field of audit, accounting and taxes, on the basis of 2020 financial results.

As reported in the update based on 2021 consolidated numbers, issued by TREND on 17 February 2022, ETL GLOBAL Slovakia/ GINALL&ROBINSON, headed by Master Partner Milan Kúdela, has successfully entered this ranking now as No. 14 of the country, with a turnover of more than 2.8 million EUR, including ETL GLOBAL’s acquisitions in Slovakia up to 2021: ETL Tassa, ETL East, ETL Nitra and Dravecký & Partner.

Apart from the Ranking, TREND also published a two-page article and interview (in Slovak language) on ETL GLOBAL’s first year in Slovakia which has been translated into English.

A warm THANK YOU to all partners and employees for their commitment and hard work involved – CONGRATULATIONS!

slovakia in the rankings