We are proud to announce that Barcelona-based Audiconsultores has joined ETL GLOBAL Spain through ETL Global Links, in a win-win transaction.

With this full integration of both firms, Audiconsultores and ETL GLOBAL Links have become one unified firm, AUDICONSULTORES ETL GLOBAL, with 70 lawyers and economists.

ETL GLOBAL Links bases its strength on its specialization in tax and commercial advice. On the other hand, Audiconsultores, brings along lawyers and economists who are experts in labor, compliance and financial outsourcing, people management and consulting.

Thus, this recent step allows both firms to extend their range of tax, legal, labour and consulting services, as well as to strengthen their field of activity and specialities. In addition, thanks to the ETL GLOBAL network, clients will benefit from a worldwide service coverage (and of course, throughout Spain).

Welcome to the new colleagues and congratulations for this integration!

Find out more in the article issued by La Vanguardia as well as on their new homepage and LinkedIn!