We are happy to share some great news of ETL NEDERLAND on recent developments within the Dutch arm of ETL GLOBAL.

With the addition of two further renowned accounting firms during the past months, ETL GLOBAL has managed to strengthen its position in the Dutch market considerably:

  • NBC Eelman & Partners was this year’s first addition in the Netherlands in January 2021. The firm, also part of NBC Nederland Groep, has developed to a strong, full-service accountancy and consultancy firm since 1972 and maintains two offices in Den Burg (Texel) and Den Helder with around 40 emloyees in total.
  • BW & S Accountants en Adviseurs is the second new player within ETL GLOBAL and located in Twello, in Gelderland, the eastern part of the Netherlands. The firm is a strong, full-service accountancy and consultancy firm with around 15 specialists taking care of SMEs and their accounting/tax matters.

Both firms continue to provide services to all their customers independently and unchanged.

In the course of 2021, ETL GLOBAL will continue to join forces with further regional accounting and advisory firms. Offices that join ETL GLOBAL retain the benefits of autonomy in operations and ownership. They can count on a strong sense of entrepreneurship and also benefit from shared services and collaboration within a larger group, both domestically and internationally.

Please feel free to also visit the respective posts and profiles on LinkedIn:

NBC Eelman & Partners                           Profile

BW & S Accountants en Adviseurs           Profile

For more information, feel free to contact info@etlnederland.nl