On 11th November, 2021, the annual ETL GLOBAL Conference was held – once again in an online format due to the still ongoing pandemic. It was an extremely successful event with more than 300 participants from 26 countries revealing a shared global vision between old and new members of the ETL GLOBAL network.

The core announcement of this year’s ETL GLOBAL Conference was the ETL GLOBAL Mission Statement. By means of an interactive survey process, ETL GLOBAL had worked it out internally with all members already before the actual event. A new animated video summarizes ETL GLOBAL’s Mission Statement in a very clear format:

Furthermore, the conference exposed the substantial growth and improvement in ETL GLOBAL’s market position – locally as well as internationally. Key initiatives, like the ETL GLOBAL International Desks and the internal communication platform ETL GLOBAL Community are showing the ever increasing potential of the network.

ETL GLOBAL welcomed the following new partners and cooperation partners to its network by presenting their introductory videos:

Now everybody is looking forward to 2022, when the next ETL GLOBAL Conference, fingers crossed, will take place on firm ground again.