With the pandemic travel restrictions being released step by step, international travel and meeting colleagues overseas has become much easier again. Accordingly, more and more ETL GLOBAL Members are taking advantage of the new freedom to travel abroad and pursue their business elsewhere.

As already reported earlier, Cabrera Rodríguez from the Canary Islands represented ETL GLOBAL at A Place in the Sun, the largest overseas property exhibition in Europe, in Manchester in the first week of March, 2022. Liza Zucconi, partner at ETL GLOBAL Laytons in London did not hesitate to travel to Manchester as well and meet with Octavio Cabrera on site.

Likewise and only 10 days later, David Jones, Executive Partner of ETL GLOBAL Member Glaisyers Solicitors took the opportunity of his attendance to the CryptoExpo Dubai together with Joshua Chinn of ETL GLOBAL Member Wealth Recovery Solicitors to meet up with ETL GLOBAL partner Uwe Hohmann of TME Services at his offices in Dubai. Read about David’s impressions here.

Last week finally, Anne-Kathrin Steinröder, Head of ETL GLOBAL Network, eventually made it to Sydney and managed to meet with ETL GLOBAL’s most remote colleagues Michael Clarke and Patrick McGinty of Sheltons Group Australia. Even the continuous rainfalls of the weeks and months before decided to stop for this occasion.

Stay tuned and watch out for more international news from ETL GLOBAL!