After a successful year 2021, ETL GLOBAL is delighted to share great news from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and the UK:

In the past months, the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) published a number of country surveys that perfectly reflect the progress of ETL GLOBAL in some of its focus markets (based on 2020 financial results):

  • Back in November 2021, issue 627 presented the network rankings for the Netherlands and Germany. ETL GLOBAL is proud of having been ranked 15th in the Netherlands, moving up one place from last year. In Germany, ETL GLOBAL was able to defend its 5th place from 2020 with a further growth of 11%.
  • The IAB country survey for Spain was published in issue 628 of December 2021. With a growth rate of 14%, ETL GLOBAL Spain made it to 5 in the Spanish market (no. 6 in 2020).
  • In January 2022, issue 629 was published providing for the UK country survey and rankings. In terms of turnover and headcount, ETL GLOBAL UK remained 17th among the accounting networks operating in the UK market, though with remarkable growth rates thanks to many successful acquisitions, thereby moving considerably closer towards the next position.

Congratulations to all colleagues and a very warm thank you for everybody’s commitment and hard work leading to this great success!

More information on the local ETL GLOBAL country organisations to be found in their LinkedIn profiles:

ETL Germany

ETL Nederland