ETL Global Spain – 3rd National Congress 2017 in Madrid

Jun 1, 2017

Backed up by the enormous growth of the past years, ETL Global Spain celebrated its IIIrd National Congress in Madrid on May 26, 2017 with over 150 partners and professionals participating.

Under the slogan “Todo un futoro por escribir”, the general objective was to reflect about the future of the juristic professions, as facilitated by distinguished guest speakers like the president of the Spanish Bar Council, Ms. Victoria Ortega and the former president of the Spanish Constitutional Court, Ms. María Emilia Casas. Quality in the service to the client was identified as the decisive factor of advocacy by all speakers including Mr. Álvaro Hernando de Larramendi, founding partner of EJASO ETL GLOBAL.

From a business perspective, Dr. Christian Gorny, CEO of ETL Global, and Juan Bermúdez, CEO of ETL Spain, illustrated that quality and further expansion will facilitate the immediate business objectives of generating an increase in profitability and creating a renowned brand of ETL Global for medium-sized companies in Spain.