As in previous years, several colleagues of the ETL GLOBAL in Spain and Portugal have appeared in the international Best Lawyers ranking.

Thus, ETL GLOBAL is proud to mention the following colleagues for their award:

  • Manuel Calavia Arias of ETL GLOBAL ADD in the area of Corporate Law and Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Luis Montés Reig of FIDES ETL GLOBAL in the area of Insolvency and Reorganisation Law and Litigation.

On behalf of EJASO ETL GLOBAL, Spain:

  • Álvaro Hernando de Larramendi Samaniego and Eduardo Hinjos in labour and employment law.
  • Alfredo Cerezales Fernández in Administrative Law.
  • Alfredo Hernández Pardo, Belén Marín, Pablo Faura and Lourdes Ruiz Ezquerra in Competition / Antitrust Law.
  • Susana Beltrán Ruiz in Competition / Antitrust and Litigation.
  • Alberto Lopez, Guillermo Dionis Trenor and José Saurat in Corporate Law and Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Alejandro Varo Reina in fintech practice.
  • Vicente Roldán in insolvency and reorganisation law.
  • María Gaitán Luján in insurance law.
  • Miguel Valdés in intellectual property law.
  • Luis María Latasa Vassallo in Intellectual Property and Technology Law.
  • Isabel Sobrepera Millet, Gonzalo Grandes and Pedro Cejudo Verjano in Litigation.
  • Iván Matamoros Mullor in Sports Law.
  • Juan Enrique Altimis in Tax Law.

On behalf of EJASO ETL GLOBAL, Portugal:

  • Joana Miranda Gancho in labour and employment law.


The international Best Lawyers ranking is based on the votes of the lawyers’ profession itself to identify the top-rated professionals in the different practice areas in each country.

Congratulations to all colleagues involved!