Last week the ETL GLOBAL newsletter reported on the 30th anniversary of our long-time ETL GLOBAL member Dezan Shira & Associates (DSA). This week ETL GLOBAL moves back to Europe, but still with a Chinese perspective:

ETL GLOBAL member Laytons Solicitors in London teamed up with DSA for an exclusive video series focusing on the basics of employment in China and the UK.

In this series, Legal Advisory Manager at Dezan Shira & Associates, Donfil Huang, and Partner at Laytons, Nicholas Lakeland, share introductory legal knowledge around employing foreigners in China and the UK.

They start with sharing their expertise and answer some of the most frequently asked questions around employment, before taking a deeper dive into employment contracts and dismissing employees in China and the UK as well as examples of British companies operating in China and foreign companies operating in the UK in later episodes.

Watch the full series at DSA’s China Briefing homepage or chose one of the seven episodes:

Episode 1: The Basics of Employment in China and the UK

Episode 2: Terminating a Labor Relationship in China and the UK

Episode 3: Laws and Regulations regarding Overtime Work and Compensation

Episode 4: National Minimum Wage and Trade Unions

Episode 5: Statutory Costs for Employers and the Capabilities of a Representative Office