Graber & Partner, ETL Global member in South Tyrol, Italy specializes in Posting of Employees

Jun 6, 2018

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Graber & Partner has been an ETL Network Partner for Italy since 2010. Over the course of this long-term cooperation, mutual exchange and cooperation with cross-border clients have made Graber & Partner a competent service provider as tax advisors as well as when it comes to assisting international clients with issues such as company set-up, tax registration, as well as financial accounting, annual financial statements and tax returns, audit  services, payroll and the processing of reporting obligations with regard to the posting of employees to Italy.

The latter has become a focus service line for Graber & Partner. When posting employees to Italy, there are many formalities to be fulfilled opposite the Italian authorities to comply with European as well as domestic Italian regulations. Moreover, foreign employers are also required to appoint a contact person resident in Italy and with powers of representation before the authorities, so as to guarantee the receipt/dispatch of documents. More detailed information on this subject, including an expert advice in pdf format, can be found at

 With a total of 40 expert staff and over 25 years of experience, a client-oriented service is guaranteed at Graber & Partner. Thanks to their multilingual approach (German, Italian and English), they are an ideal partner for small and medium-sized companies and for their tax advisors, acting as a bridge to the Italian market.  

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