Growing Presence of ETL Global in Spain – Ranking in Spanish business newspaper Expansión shows ETL as No. 8 of the local market

Apr 26, 2017

With the trademark of ETL Global the worldwide network of ETL is gaining more and more visibility and presence on the global market for professional services. ETL Global is constantly teaming up with Cooperation Partners on a worldwide basis, at the same time focusing on certain predefined jurisdictions within Europe for the establishment of ETL Global Master Partners. Meanwhile the ETL Global network is covering more than 45 countries and employing more than 1,400 legal, tax and audit professionals.

The pace of growth is best represented by the example of Spain. Between 2014 and 2016 the number of firms belonging to ETL Spain has grown from 4 to 31, with an increase of the service and sales volume accordingly from 1.1 m EUR to almost 40 m EUR within those three years. As a result, we are happy to announce that ETL Spain has been ranked no. 8 on the Spanish market for professional services by the economic and business newspaper “Expansión”. Congratulations!