As already posted last week, we aim to provide all readers of the ETL Global newsletters and visitors to with some general guidance on legal and fiscal developments and measures taken in face of the COVID-19 outbreak in the different countries of the ETL Global Network.

As a supplement to past Friday’s newsletter, please find enclosed the updated version of ETL Netherlands’ summary on the various measures of the Dutch government to support business continuity for download.


Download here


Turning away from Western Europe, the below is to guide our readers to information on some Eastern European countries including Turkey:

Our legal partner and ETL Global Member in Poland, BSJP, is constantly updating the news section of their homepage on legal and fiscal developments in Poland aiming at tackling the challenges caused by the current sanitary situation in the country. While most newsletters are in Polish language, there is also information available in English.

In addition, all newsletters are also posted with options for translation on BSJP’s LinkedIn Profile. For detailed information, please contact the BSJP colleagues in Poland through:


Our partner and ETL Global Member in the Czech Republik, KODAP, has set-up a section in their website with various information on the implications and measures taken regarding the COVID-19 pandemic (in Czech language).

For detailed information, please contact the KODAP colleagues in the Czech Republic through:


CENTRUM Auditing, ETL Global Member in Turkey has prepared a newsletter on financial precautions taken by the Turkish Government due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

For further information on details, please contact the CENTRUM colleagues in Turkey through:


Download here


More information from other countries will follow in subsequent newsletters.