ETL GLOBAL is delighted to announce the integration of two new members in Portugal alongside with its long-time partner CONLUSA.

  • Numeric Consulting Group is now positioned as the biggest Portuguese member of the network with currently 60 employees and ranking among one of the largest national consultants. The integration into the ETL GLOBAL network will enable greater specialization and knowledge in the areas of accounting and taxation, and a sharing of methodologies and knowledge with numerous markets at a global level. This way Numeric’s customers, employees and business partners will benefit from the new partnership, as a response to the multiple needs and challenges presented over the past months. The integration into ETL GLOBAL will also improve Numeric’s access to the international market.
  • On the legal side, ETL GLOBAL has reinforced its Portuguese team through the well-established law firm Lino de Castro, Horta e Costa & Associados (LCHC). LCHC has been providing specialized legal services in multiple practice areas to domestic and international companies of all sizes as well as to individual clients, with emphasis in family and succession law. LCHC’s clients come from various sectors, including financial institutions, civil construction, automotive, electrical equipment, food and non-food distribution as well as power generation. This makes the firm a true all-rounder. With a team of fluent German-speaking lawyers, the firm also services a significant number of clients from the German-speaking business community.

According to CEO Dr. Christian Gorny “ETL GLOBAL is the ideal partner for any company that wants to reinforce its offer of professional services. It enables companies to provide a local and personalized service, supported by the professional quality of and connection to an integrated and global network. Our network operates in 50 countries and territories, which brings along a strong knowledge of these markets and a significant potential for growth.”

With the above new partnerships, ETL GLOBAL has now rounded off its Portuguese professional team with in-depth expertise from all professions bringing along a thorough knowledge of the market. This will consequently provide additional security for both, international companies that desire to operate in Portugal, as well as Portuguese customers wishing to carry out an internationalization of their business.

Find more information on LinkedIn regarding Numeric and LCHC.