Official Patents and Trademarks Agency within ETL Spain

Oct 16, 2018

Through Vicamark, ETL Spain is in a position to provide comprehensive legal advice and protection services for all Intellectual Property rights and trademark filings.

Clients receive personalised advice on the best way to obtain protection, taking into consideration their specific needs and the different forms of protection (trademarks, patents and designs) available at Spanish, European and international level:

Before the registration process, clients obtain legal advice about Intellectual Property as well as support in the development of the best strategy to protect their assets. Availability of registration is verified before initiating the application process by thoroughly searching records in official databases.

During the registration process, the application is submitted to the various offices responsible for registering the rights with a close follow-up of proceedings until the final concession is granted. In case an issue arises during the proceedings, the necessary claims and allegations are taken care of immediately.

Once the registration process is complete, registered rights are maintained and monitored to keep the owners informed about any issue that could arise during their assets’ legal life.

In addition, services include the carrying out of extrajudicial measures as well as civil and criminal proceedings in defence of Intellectual Property rights.

For further information, please call Vicamark at +34 93 170 00 41

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