RAMPF § LEGAL / GV ASSOCIATI in Rome welcomed as a new partner

Mar 30, 2018

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]The worldwide network of ETL Global partners has grown steadily over the past years. Especially on the European continent, numerous foreign professional service firms have joined the ETL Group. This also includes the German-Italian tax and law firm RAMPF § LEGAL / GV ASSOCIATI based in Rome, which focuses on business law and tax consulting.

The firm’s clients are medium-sized companies and private individuals throughout Italy and abroad. The range of legal consulting services covers trade and business law, corporate law, administrative law, media, sports and energy law, project financing and industrial property. Due to the particular knowledge of the Italian and German culture, mentality and language, as well as the admission to the legal profession in both Italy and Germany, the law firm is a competent service provider in every respect.

The office management is based on modern and contemporary criteria and conforms to German and international standards of performance and quality. Reliability, punctuality, flexibility and a high degree of service awareness are just as much part of the firm’s values as the readiness to be available to its clients around the clock. The languages spoken in the office are German, Italian, English and Spanish. All documents, files, contract templates and correspondence can be prepared in the respective desired language.

In providing cross-border consulting services to its clients, RAMPF§LEGAL / GV ASSOCIATI works closely with Peter Häussermann, partner of BTU Group in Munich. BTU Group comprises the tax and law firm BTU SIMON GmbH and the audit company BTU TREUHAND GmbH. Both companies are headquartered in Munich and have been part of the ETL network under the ETL Global brand since December 2015.

BTU Group offers companies comprehensive support in tax and business consulting, legal advice, especially in the fields of labour and corporate law, as well as in traditional financial and payroll accounting, tax compliance, annual financial statements and auditing. Many years of working for Italian clients have turned BTU Group into an ideal interface in the advice on German-Italian topics.

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